Linkedin Marketing


Linkedin Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing is basically promoting or advertising the brand effectively on LinkedIn. Over 80% of all B2B leads generated by social media come from LinkedIn. About 90% of top performing sales people now use social media as part of their sales strategy. Around 79% of B2B Marketers say LinkedIn is an effective source for generating leads.

Importance of LinkedIn Marketing

  • LinkedIn has emerged as an effective platform for lead generation
  • It is Suitable for thought leadership
  • It also improves face-to-face relationships
  • It offers your brand increased visibility

Why LinkedIn Marketing with DOMYBRAND?

  • Wide variety of LinkedIn posts such as Educational posts, Influencer Posts and reposts from employees are done.
  • Helps in increasing Quality Leads, as LinkedIn is filled with professional connections
  • Best prospect detecting strategies are practiced
  • Our Digital team helps to analyze and immediately act on the upcoming trends on LinkedIn