Bulk Sms Marketing


Bulk SMS Marketing

There is large number of digital media companies in Chennai offering BULK SMS marketing. DOMYBRAND stand uniquely by its quality of digital marketing services. Bulk SMS marketing is a way of communicating with a wide range of customers using mobile technology. With our bulk SMS marketing service, your business is able to contact thousands of potential customers in Chennai and around Tamil Nadu with special offerings and discount pricing, delivering your message right to their back pocket. You are able to create the message you wish to communicate to your customers and deliver it to them in a way you know they will see it. With our DOMYBRAND’s bulk SMS marketing service, we ensure to provide defining innovations.
The best part is that our team at DOMYBRAND can work with your business to find a bulk text messaging solution best suited to your needs. Trust in a reliable mass text messaging service that many companies in and around Chennai have relied upon in the past, as well as the present.